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7. Mobile Payment

By storing a payment card with a Mobile Payment provider (i.e. with the Issuer or with a third-party provider) or at the latest by using a payment card, the Cardholder accepts the following special terms and conditions of Viseca Card Services SA for use of "one". In all other respects, the respective applicable general terms and conditions (Viseca Card Terms and Conditions) shall apply.

7.1 What is Mobile Payment?

Mobile Payment designates solutions for the use of Cards via a Mobile Device. Mobile Payment allows Cardholders who have a compatible Mobile Device to use authorised Cards via a mobile application (app) of Viseca (see clause 7.7) or of a third-party provider for contactless payment and for payment in online shops and in apps. For security reasons, instead of the card number a different number (token) is generated in each case and stored as a "virtual card". Virtual cards may be used via Mobile Payment like a physical Card. When paying with a virtual card, only the generated number (token) and not the card number is communicated to the Merchant.

7.2 What Mobile Devices are compatible, and what Cards are authorised?

Examples of compatible Mobile Devices are computers, mobile phones, smart watches and fitness trackers, provided they support the use of virtual cards and are authorised by the Issuer. The Issuer is furthermore free to decide which Cards to authorise for which service providers. Further information on compatible devices and authorised Cards is available on the website of the Issuer or on the website of the manufacturer of your Mobile Device. This information is not binding and may be changed at any time.

7.3 Activation and deactivation 

For security reasons, a Card cannot be activated unless the Cardholder accepts the respective service provider's terms and conditions of use and the service provider's privacy policy. The Cardholder shall be liable to the Issuer for damages caused by a breach of these terms and conditions.

Virtual cards may be used by the Cardholder via the app until the Card is blocked or deactivated. The foregoing shall be without prejudice to any restrictions on the use of the Card pursuant to the respective applicable Viseca Card Terms and Conditions. The Cardholder may terminate the use of Mobile Payment at any time by removing his or her virtual card(s) from the respective service provider.

Costs associated with the activation and use of virtual cards (such as costs for mobile internet use abroad) shall be borne by the Cardholder.

7.4 Use of the virtual card (authorisation)

The use of a virtual card corresponds to a standard Card transaction. Any use of a virtual card shall be deemed to have been authorised by the Cardholder. The Cardholder has the right to prove the contrary.

The use of virtual cards must be authorised in the manner specified by the service provider or Merchant, e.g. by entering a device PIN or using fingerprint or facial recognition. The Cardholder acknowledges that this increases the risk that virtual cards may be used by unauthorised parties, if the additional means of authorisation, if any, required by the service provider or Merchant (device PIN or Card PIN) consists of easy to determine combinations (“1234”). The Cardholder acknowledges that, depending on the service provider or Merchant, no authorisation may be required up to a certain amount, as determined by such service provider or Merchant.

In all other respects, liability shall be determined in accordance with clause 4 hereof.

7.5 Special duties of care

The Cardholder acknowledges and accepts that the use of Mobile Payment involves risks despite all the security measures taken. In particular, it is possible that virtual card(s) and personal data may be misused or viewed by unauthorised parties. This may result in financial harm to the Cardholder (through wrongful debiting of a Card) and in violations of the Cardholder's privacy (through the misuse of personal data).

The Cardholder must therefore treat the devices and virtual cards used with care and ensure that they are protected. In addition to the duties of care specified in the respective applicable Viseca Card Terms and Conditions and the general duties of care and notification specified in clauses 3.2.1 and 3.3, the Cardholder must comply, in particular, with the following special duties of care:

  • The devices used must be used as intended and kept securely protected from any third-party access;
  • virtual cards, like physical Cards, are personal and non-transferable. They may not be provided to third parties for use (e.g. by storing fingerprints and/or by scanning the faces of third parties in order to unlock the device used);
  • where a Mobile Device is exchanged or transferred on (e.g. in the event of a sale) every virtual card must be deleted in the service provider's app and in the Mobile Device;
  • any suspected misuse of a virtual card or a device used with it must be reported to the Issuer immediately so that the affected virtual card can be blocked.

7.6 Exclusion of warranty

There is no entitlement to the use of Mobile Payment. The Issuer may suspend or terminate the use, i.e. the possibility of using virtual cards, at any time, in particular for security reasons or where there are changes to the Mobile Payment offering or a restriction of the authorised Cards or compatible devices. Furthermore, the Issuer shall not be responsible for actions and offerings of the service provider or other third parties, such as internet and telephone providers. 

7.7 Card use on the "one" app

A Cardholder who has a compatible device can activate his/her Card(s) in the Issuer's "one" app and use them as virtual cards. To ensure the security of Mobile Pay, the Cardholder must specify a secret number during activation. The Issuer may adapt this service at any time. In all other respects, the terms and conditions for Mobile Payment shall apply, in particular the special duties of care according to clause 7.5.

7.8 Data protection

The third-party provider and the Issuer shall be independently responsible for their respective processing of personal data. The Cardholder acknowledges that personal data in connection with the offering and the use of Mobile Payment (in particular, information concerning Cardholders and activated Cards and transaction data arising from the use of virtual cards) are collected by the third-party provider and stored and processed in Switzerland or abroad. The processing of personal data by the third-party provider in connection with Mobile Payment and the use of offerings and services of the third-party provider, including the said provider's devices and software, shall be governed by its terms of use and its privacy policy. With each activation of a Card, the Cardholder therefore confirms that he has read and understood the relevant privacy policy of the respective third-party provider and that he/she expressly agrees that the data may be processed accordingly by the third-party provider. If he/she does not wish the data to be processed accordingly, it is the Cardholder's responsibility not to activate a Card or else to notify the third-party provider that he/she objects to the processing. The processing of personal data by the Issuer shall be governed by the Data Protection Policy for one and the general Data Protection Policy of Viseca.

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