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Whether it’s a bottle of mineral water after your workout at the gym, or that new pair of jeans you just decided to buy: paying for your purchases is always easy and convenient with Fitbit Pay. All you need is "one" and a card from Viseca.

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Pay with just a flick of your wrist.

Fitbit Pay doesn’t require you to carry a smartphone or card: simply press the left-hand key of your Fitbit Ionic watch and hold the watch up to the terminal – that’s it!

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Security guaranteed.

All the payments you make with Fitbit Pay are just as secure as ordinary transactions made with a card. Or even more secure – because your card details are kept encrypted and are not transmitted to the vendor when you pay.

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Set up Fitbit Pay

Download the latest version of the Fitbit app and follow the instructions provided in the app.


Download the Fitbit app and open it on your smartphone.
Select the wallet icon and follow the instructions to add your card.
Enter your card details and payment information.
Accept the General Terms and Conditions.

Pay with Fitbit Pay

It’s so easy to use Fitbit Pay to pay for your purchases.

Press the left-hand key of your watch for 2 seconds.
Enter the 4-digit security code (if prompted to do so).
Select the card you want to use and hold your watch up to the terminal.
Once the payment goes through, your watch will vibrate briefly and a tick mark ("√") will be displayed.


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Answers to other questions about Fitbit Pay may be found here.

Answers to other questions about Fitbit Pay may be found here.

Excerpt from the terms and conditions governing the use of "one"

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