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SwatchPAY! is like something from a James Bond film. You just hold your watch up to the payment terminal – and your transaction is automatically completed. All you need is a Viseca Mastercard® and "one".

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Using your watch to pay is cool.

Your SwatchPAY! watch looks like a regular Swatch – but it’s actually much more. You can make contactless payments just by briefly holding your watch up to the payment terminal. How cool is that?

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Ready to pay - no charging required.

With your SwatchPAY! watch you never have to worry about phone battery problems again – you’re always ready to make convenient, contactless payments no matter where you are. Because the NFC module in your watch works just like a credit card, with no battery needed.


Set up SwatchPAY!

To activate SwatchPAY! for your Viseca Mastercard, visit a Swatch Store and bring along your card. Here you’ll find an overview of the watches and stores that support SwatchPAY!


Appstore Garmin
Google Play fitbit
Download the SwatchPAY! app from the App Store.
Save your Viseca Mastercard for SwatchPAY! in the app.
Lay your watch on the SwatchPAY! box in the Swatch Store to continue the activation process.
When the process is completed, your Viseca card will appear in the SwatchPAY! app.

Paying has never
been so cool.

Pay with SwatchPAY!

Using SwatchPAY! is easy and cool!

Hold your watch up to the contactless terminal. For amounts over CHF 40, you still have to enter your card’s PIN code at the terminal.
Wait until the payment is confirmed on the terminal display.
That’s it.


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Answers to other questions about SwatchPAY! may be found here.

Answers to other questions about SwatchPAY! may be found here.

Excerpt from the terms and conditions governing the use of "one"

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