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8. Mobile Pay

What is Mobile Pay?

Mobile Pay allows Cardholders who possess a compatible Mobile Device to use their cards with the App for contactless payments of purchases (through NFC, near field communication) with the Mobile Device. The Viseca Card Terms and Conditions also apply to the use of the cards with Mobile Pay.

Activation and deactivation

The Issuer decides which cards can be activated for Mobile Pay. 

When a card is activated for Mobile Pay, the number printed on the card (the primary account number or “PAN”) is linked with a virtual (encrypted) card number. The virtual card number is communicated to the merchant when using Mobile Pay to pay for a purchase.

When activating a virtual card, the Cardholder must choose a personal ID code (“Mobile Pay PIN”). The general duties of care in connection with the password according to section 3.2.2 shall apply to this.

The virtual cards which are activated for Mobile Pay may be used until they are deactivated for Mobile Pay, they are blocked, the App is uninstalled or deactivated or the contractual relationship between the Cardholder and the Issuer is terminated.

Moreover, the Cardholder must comply with the general duties of care and notification according to sections 3.2.1 and 3.3.

Paying with Mobile Pay (authorising)

Any payment made with Mobile Pay shall be deemed to be an action by the Cardholder. The Cardholder has the right to prove the contrary. Contactless payments generally have to be confirmed (authorised) by entering the Mobile Pay PIN or by some other means designated by the Issuer. Transactions for small amounts may be made without unlocking the Mobile Device (device-dependent) and – provided this is stipulated by the Issuer – without entering the Mobile Pay PIN (authorisation). The Cardholder is aware that there is an increased risk as a result of the fact that payments can be made by unauthorised third parties, particularly if the Mobile Device is lost. The Issuer's liability shall be governed by section 4 of these provisions.

Data Protection

The Cardholder agrees by no later than the time he uses Mobile Pay that his data will be processed in accordance with "one's" privacy statement.

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