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7. Wearable Payment

What is a wearable?

A wearable is a Mobile Device which is worn (directly) on the Cardholder's body (such as a "smartwatch" or "fitness tracker") or is integrated in the Cardholder's clothing ("wearable").

What is wearable payment?

Wearable payment is the function provided by a provider ("service provider") which enables the Cardholder to make contactless payments, with one or more authorised card(s) of the Issuer, and allows additional functions using a compatible wearable ("wearable payment"). The Issuer's card(s) which are authorised for wearable payment are deposited in this process via a service provider's application as virtual (encrypted) card(s) ("virtual card(s)"). When a card is activated for Wearable Payment, the number printed on the card (the primary account number or "PAN") is linked with a digital (encrypted) card number. The digital card number is communicated to the merchant when using Wearable Payment to pay for a purchase.  
Information concerning compatible wearables, service providers and authorised cards of the Issuer are available on the Viseca website.

Activation and deactivation

The Issuer decides which cards can be activated for wearable payment. 
When the card is deposited, the Cardholder must, for safety reasons, activate a lock on the wearable by a secret PIN (wearable PIN) or in some other way. The general duties of care in connection with the password according to section 3.2.2 shall apply to this.
Upon depositing a card for wearable payment or at the latest when wearable payment is used, in addition to the Viseca Card Terms and Conditions, the Cardholder accepts these provisions concerning wearable payment.
The virtual cards which are activated for a wearable may be used until they are deactivated in the wearable, they are blocked, the wearable service provider's app is uninstalled or deactivated or the contractual relationship between the Cardholder and the Issuer is terminated.
The Cardholder may terminate the use of wearable payment at any time by removing his or her virtual card(s) from any wearable that is used.

Special duties of care 

The Cardholder must treat the virtual cards and wearables with all due care and ensure that they are protected appropriately. In addition to the duties of care specified in the Viseca card GTC and the general duties of care and notification according to sections 3.2.1 and 3.3, the Cardholder must comply, in particular, with the following special duties of care:

  1. a wearable must be only used for its intended purpose and must be kept in a safe place protected from access by third parties (like physical cards, virtual cards are personal and cannot be transferred). It must not be passed to third parties for use;
  2. when a wearable is changed or other passed on (e.g. when it is sold or transferred at no charge) the information must be deleted in the service provider's app and in the wearable.

Payment with wearables (authorisation)

Any payment which is made using a wearable shall be deemed to be an action by the Cardholder. The Cardholder has the right to prove the contrary.
Contactless payments may be confirmed (authorised) regardless of the transaction amount without entering the card's PIN code provided this is stipulated by the Issuer. The Cardholder is aware that there is an increased risk as a result of the fact that payments can be made by unauthorised third parties, particularly if the wearable is lost and/or a password, which is easily identifiable (e.g. "1234"), has been used. The Issuer's liability shall be governed by section 4 of these provisions.

Exclusion of warranty

The Issuer neither assures nor warrants that wearable payment and or a service provider's application are permanently accessible or that they run consistently without any faults or that cases of abuse can always be detected and prevented. 

Data Protection

The Cardholder agrees by no later than the time he uses his card(s) for wearable payment that his data will be processed in accordance with VisecaOne's privacy statement. 
Any data protection provisions of the corresponding service provider shall also apply to the processing of the data when wearable payment is used.

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